Hey Micky

by a_wally

When he isn’t staring in feature-length films, popping up on the T.V or keeping the visitors entertained at Disney Land Micky Mouse can be found wandering the streets of Edinburgh handing out balloon hearts and swords.

The sun was out today and with force! Was beautiful, although I may have burnt my nose a bit [read completely]. Edinburgh town is electric with people just now as the Fringe [Edinburgh Festival Fringe] is in full swing. I do love the town when the Fringe is on, always something to see, always something to hear, always something to do and always something to photograph. Brilliant! It was also roughly a year ago today that I was introduced to street photography and set on my wayward path by my good friend Jaz (check him out here), so I guess this post is kind of my anniversary!? It shall also be dedication to him, our friendship and as a thank you!….Thank you sir.

Happy Viewing